There are two major type of product in affiliate marketing.

Physical product

These product as they sound are physical substance we can see touch and carry and requires transport, or shipping of any form to get to the customer.

Product such as healthcare product, accessories, utensils, working tools, clothings, computers, phones, shoes, and many other product we can get direct contact with.

Companies like click bank, Amazon, and jumia alongside others, are responsible for shipping of any product offered through an affiliate link, the company’s take responsibility for the shipping and delivery of these product, the affiliate would only need a link to refer a customer to buy from the link.

Digital product

These are online product such as apps, websites, SOE tools, digital art, crypto currency, and many more.

These product don’t need to be shipped or transported by any physical means.

As it obviously sound digital they are online product whose use is digitally implied, the affiliate shares the link and when a person sign up, or perform an action to these digital product the afiliate get a commision.

Canva is a good example of a digital product with an affiliate program of which the affiliate get commision when a customer signs up and upgrade to a premium level.

Services product

We can’t literally call the service a product, tailoring and catering are services that also require physical attention but the product is the service rendered, like how the tailor make the cloths and the referrer may get a special gift or discount to to the affiliate, it all depends on whatever terms arranged by the vendor.


Giving the digital era we are right now, business and many other field of any giving focus, are digitalized for advertising purpose, there so are many digital product that are design to manage our computer and phone device, ebooks, online courses.

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